Behind the Scenes: Filming the Gospels

The Lumo Project is supported by the very latest research from leading world experts in theology, history and archaeology to help us recreate every aspect of life in First Century Palestine as accurately as possible.

Our support cast was exclusively drawn from local talent and includes some of Morocco’s most famous stars. We feel an important objective of the Lumo Project should be to create a better understanding of the historical Jesus, and help dispel the predominant stereotypical image of Jesus as a ‘blue eyed, fair haired’ western figure and replace it with a more authentic First Century figure of Middle Eastern origin. To play Jesus, we chose the highly talented British actor, Selva Rasalingam, to fulfill this ambition.

The Lumo Project was shot on location in Morocco, using the very latest 35mm digital film cameras (RED Epic) to ensure picture quality (4K resolution) of the very highest standard. It can be used across a wide variety of platforms – cinema, broadcast, BluRay, DVD and the web.

After extensive research we chose the Ouarzazate region in Morocco to represent the Holy Land of 2,000 years ago, with stunning and evocative backdrops against which the Jesus story unfolds. Our locations included a man-made ‘Sea of Galilee’, existing ancient villages that became Nazareth, Bethlehem, Capernaum and Jerusalem, a specially built full-size studio set of Herod's Temple and our very own computer generated build of the entire first century city.

In order to create, perform and capture the realism that the subject demanded our team weathered dust storms, torrential rain, intense heat and sub-zero temperatures.

The Lumo Project has been specifically designed to make the films available for everyone in an unlimited number of translations and versions. The 'voice over' format means that every viewer will experience the films and their message as written for them in their own language and translation.